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ERASMUS Overview

  • Before your stay:

The application procedures for the ERASMUS+ Exchange Program at the University of Freiburg are available on the website of our interdisciplinary International Office.

After your successful nomination, the International Office will contact you and provide you with further information.

Before starting your stay abroad you and your departmental coordinator of your home institution need to prepare a list of courses you wish to attend. This so-called Learning Agreement ensures the allowance of your achievements as well.

Therefore, please review the course outline that fits your study program. In each course outline we provide you with all necessary information regarding the number of ECTS points and course content. Afterwards please refer to our course catalogue on the HISinOne website and check, if the courses were taught in the last respective semester. (The course catalogue for the upcoming semester is usually confirmed and available only a few weeks before the semester starts). 

There are 2 ways to search for courses in HISinOne:

1) Using this link: This is the most convenient way to search for courses, since you can simply enter the course title in the search field. Please pay attention to the selected semester below the search field.

2) Using this link

  • Go to "Wirtschafts- und Verhaltenswissenschaftliche Fakultät" and then "Institut für Wirtschaftswissenschaften". 
  • For undergraduate studies select "Grundständige Studiengänge". For graduate studies select "Master of Science".
  • Choose your field of study (Business Administration = Betriebswirtschaftslehre, Economics = Volkswirtschaftslehre)
  • Please note that only courses with a "+" are offered.


For most of the courses (lectures), you do not have to register in advance. However, if you wish to take seminars, you have to apply for participation at the respective professorial chair. The application process differs between the chairs, therefore please check the respective websites 2-4 weeks before the semester starts for announcements. Unfortunately, we can not accept a seminar in your "Learning Agreement before Mobility" without a confirmation of your successful application. But no worries: You can change your "Learning Agreement during Mobility" during the first weeks at university and add or delete courses/seminars.

  • During your stay:

For any changes and adjustments of your Learning Agreement please settle with your departmental coordinator of your home institution primarily. Afterwards please send us the document to sign.
After your final exams at the end of the semester we collect your exam results, compile your Transcript of Records and send it to you and your home institution as well.
  • After your stay:

Please contact our department in case you did not receive your Transcript of Records.
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