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Why Freiburg?

To make the decision whether to study in Freiburg a little easier, we have listed 10 reasons to make studying at Albert-Ludwigs-University and living in Freiburg more appealing to you: 10 Reasons to Choose the University of Freiburg


 If you're still not sure if Freiburg is the right choice for you, we have also collected some short impressions from former Incomings that might give you an idea what to expect from this University and the City of Freiburg:

Marika, Italy:

"It’s a city where living is really simple, everything is at walking distance and it’s constituted almost exclusively by students. On the Cultural side, Uni Freiburg has a great history and is by fact one of the oldest universities in Germany." 

Estefanía, Spain:

"Es una ciudad con muchas posibilidades si eres estudiante. Puedes hacer muchas cosas y además hay buen transporte para visitar lugares cercanos. Puedes pasear por la ciudad sin peligro en bici o andando, sobre todo en el centro. Tiene un paisaje precioso debido a la selva negra y los lagos cercanos a la ciudad. La universidad y la ciudad tienen mucho prestigio internacionalmente, sobre todo en temas medioambientales."

Hanna, Sweden:

"It is a lovely city. Great surroundings and nice people."

Rachel, USA:

"Freiburg is a big city with lots of different opportunities for exchange students. The University here is well organized and is very welcoming to exchange students, which is very helpful and makes you feel at home. Personally, Freiburg reminds me a lot of Madison, my hometown. I really enjoy living here."

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